Craps Secrets you might not know


Most of the people in the world don’t know about various secrets of craps game. Well, the major reason behind this is the fact that people consider craps a complicated game. Hence, they do not invest their time as well as money into such things.

But in reality it is all about doing a maths and you need not do anything else. Here, in this post, we have enlisted some of the secrets about craps which most of the people might not be aware of. 

Casino Dice is Different in Craps

In casinos, transparent dice is used and the right balance is maintained in this dice. So, even if you practice with a dice at home, still you won’t get the same one at a casino. Casino dices have machine-tooled straight edges which got wear down with time.

The size of casino dices is larger and it is so because players must throw the dice so far on a craps table. Also, the top and lining help the dice bounce more randomly than a smooth table top does.

Right to Stop a Game in Case of a Dispute

In case you find that a dice roll funny or you were not paid correctly then you can stop a game when you encounter such disputes. You can complain regarding these things to a dealer and if you are still not satisfied with the actions of dealers then you can approach pit boss for further investigation into the matter.

Casinos would try to resolve the issue as soon as possible in order to carry forward the game. And this is applicable with all the casinos, new or old. You can also check here to know about some new casinos that have opened up this year.

More Bets Leads to Less Chances of Winning

It is highly recommended not to place multiple bets at the same time. More the bets, less the chances of winning. This is not just applicable in craps but also in any other table games. Instead, one should try to place a less number of bets to win more.

More Complicated Strategy Leads to More Risk

If someone plans to make a complicated strategy then it leads to more risk. Whenever a person thinks about possibilities, odds, time of bet, movement of money, the chances of risk increases. Long and slow game work best in craps for all the people who are not expert in this game. 

So, these are the popular craps secrets which everyone should know in order to become pro at playing craps. 

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